Sunday, September 27, 2009

I posted on craftster

I posted my bathroom on Craftster and it has gotten 1100 reads. That is amazing!!! I never thought it would be popular.

I made the medicine cabinet this weekend. Or rather I got my neighbor (who has the most incredible workshop) to show me how to use the power tools-- table saw, chop saw, belt sander, nail gun, and the router.
It was soooo neat.

Men and women speak totally different languages. I had to stop them from talking, get them to translate, then shoo them away from the *whatever tool* so I could learn to use it. It was fun. I made a customised solid wood medicine cabinet. It is recessed into my wall so the mirror that I am getting next week will be flat against the wall.

I am now trying to figure out how to make the door for my vanity. It is curved and according to the *know it alls* they would make a straight ,flat door.
"That would take away from the point of the vanity being curved!"

My neighbor looked at me and asked "Why did you make it curved? It would be easier if it was just like a box"

I explained that he is a linear thinker and that would take all the fun away from annoying my husband.

Oh yeah, I am making the final touches on the beaded chandelier for the bathroom. Donald actually used the word Gaudy.
**Grins Brightly**

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Another baby gecko, who was the cutest thing ever, until he jumped at Nikki. I have never seen her shoot away from something that fast. Except the bug last night a 2 am but that involved screaming in the hallway until I rescued her.

It is purple. My husband swears it is pink. Now I want to paint my bedroom pink and soft green just to mess with him. And that will give me an excuse to tear the water bed frame apart....ooooooooo, good thing he does not read my blog:)

Monday, September 14, 2009


I was going to type some revelation or another. But I need to go cook.

Star gave me a book named "The Bitch in the House" 26 stories about marriage, children, sex and staying at home.

I have flipped thru and read three pages. It fits, and has helped somewhat just knowing that lots of other women are slowing going nuts too.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I had an awesome dinner at my favorite chinese resturant, rattled to Donald about whatever popped in my head, which the thifty nickle was excellent fodder for conversations. Until the sake kicked in. Then we were laughing about dam near everything. He wasn't drinking he was just in a good mood and had been messing with me since hours previous.
I have finally gotton the bathroom finished(ish). The walls are retextured and painted. The trim is caulked and painted, in some places reattached. annnnnnnnnd i finally got the vanity inside!!!
We got into the biggest tiff over this vanity. Donald is a linear thinking person. I think more curves. So naturally we clash or accept each other. When I am more stressed we clash.
He messed with my design of the vanity. He strighted out the curves and cut off one whole section. I was pissed. Yes, I should be grateful that he offered to cut out and put my pieces together. But do not mess with my design and then tell me that it has to be that way. Because wood cannot be shaped like that.
Not only will I be an absolute bitch about it, but I will take the project apart and then cut, trim, sand until it is the way it was supposed to be when I designed it.
And it looks good, is functional and he went off on a tanget of why blahblahblah has to be in a certain place. He watched me rub my forehead and count to 20 before I answered.

Now I am on my fourth rum and coke. I am barely buzzed. It has to be a sign from the drinking gods that I should not be/get drunk. Nikki is with my mom to give me my down time. SO maybe i just goof off time more than anything else.
So I am typing away, watching Bleach, which I have seen all the episodes up to 233 fan subbed, and listening to the english is entertaining. I find the subbed/dubbed debate annoying. I look at anime this way- i started watching it in dubbed, then switched over to sub titled on Hulu, which made my brain excersise to 1)block read 2)listen to another language and read in english 3)switching back to english is making things inside the grey matter run better.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Losing it

Ah ha. I have slightly lost it. Not that I really had my marbles together to begin with but I am slipping down a slope to be cliche.
Everything my family does is grating on nerves that do not exist. one part of my mind is screaming "WTF are you doing?" while I am freaking out because my husband failed to fill the ice tray yet again. Not that it is empty per say, there are technically four ice cubes left. But after a tempermental toddler all day, a bathroom that is taking way to long because again I have a tempermental toddler, and cleaning.
No time to myself. And I am tired of crap. On some levels I cannot wait for hunting season to begin so they will leave for the weekend so I can detox.
Logically this is a reaction to the last 18 months of stress and worry. Mentally worn down.
Illogically everything is pissing me off. Donald tries to so something nice and it is not good enough. I am picking at it or he is not doing it my way. I am watching myself become a control freak. And bitter. I really cannot think of time that I have felt bitter like this.
He does not remember much, so am I destroying my relationship or does it not affect him because there is no short term memory and long term is shot to hell too? Maybe I just need a couple of days to unglue and then I will feel better.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Four Thousand and counting...

I counted up my dots. It was 90 pages of scrapbook 12X12's, so the 1 inch dots totaled 4,400 and the 1/2 inch dots total around a 1000. I love Joann's scrappaper sale - 5 sheets for 95 cents.

But the Spar outdoor varnish is excellent water proof and gives it a smoother texture. I did miss sealing some of the dots so the varish soaked in and gave it a darker look in some spots. Which only bugs me.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

21 days later...

Finally got done with the shower. We can take a shower, I still have to put up trim but I am tired and waiting until this weekend.
Nikki caught something, and I got a collective two hours sleep last night. Colton and Nikki fought all morning, and cross contaminated each other to have the perfect blend of sinus drainage and the first cold of the season.
Then they gather together all the power that snot gives them and blast germs onto every surface with an alarming intensity. And they giggled the whole time. There was not enough Lysol to save my poor immune system of the attack of the two year olds. Not only is my head trying to invert itself from lack of REM sleep, but now I feel the explosion building up that you get right before the snot takes over five of the seven orfices.