Monday, December 28, 2009

This pisses me off

So I have beads and findings and art crap everywhere. I cannot stay in one room. I also like to drag it with me. I know from experience if you use it for art it will be more from art websites or stores. But this is insane.

I went to FireMountainGems to buy more clutter and rummaging around I came across an organizer. It's listed prices is 68$

At the Cabela's website the near same tote AKA " Tackle Box " is on sale for 14.88.

I went to the Plano web site and the cases are interchangeable so you can have the deep storage or the shallow storage.
Now in my Christmas wanderings I wandered down the isle at academy. I found 18 versions of this tote/ tackle box. The seventy dollar tackle box was beyond awesome, it had boxes within boxes within their own sections. It made these two look like child's play. And they sold the jewel case/ lure box and superglue and line -I might add, for a fraction of what the three "art" stores in this town sell them.

Every time I see someone buying storage containers or totes from an art store I just want to shake the crap out of them. And then find the person who is marking this stuff up and just kick them once or twice for intently ripping people off.

OK I am done for now.

P/S--- these are the photo's from the sites, thery are not my photos, they belong to whoever took them blah blah blah disclaimer.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Nikki keeps screaming


at every single tree she sees.

Oh, how I love the holidays....

I refused to go grocery shopping today just because of the mad rush of people for the sales and returns.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa and his Witches


Hahahaa.... this was too good to pass up. If youa re wondering by now why I have five post all with one photo a piece, I am learning picasa and have yet to figure posting more than one photo.....
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My Tree

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Christmas lizard

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This is the lizard that took me an hour to free from the tape on which it was stuck. I used a small watercolor brush, warm water, and olive oil to free this poor thing. I put the brush in the olive oil and coated the lizard with the oil (except for head) and put the brush fibers against the lizard's skin and spin the brush so the skin was pushed up to the lizard's body and away from the tape.
I freed the legs and tail first then the stomach and finally the head.

Christmas Ornaments

I made christmas ornaments for my moms tree. It had two ornaments on it, Nikki's butterfly and an angel on the top. She is off the wall in love with my new jewelry that I have been making, so I made ornaments for her tree.
She was happy as could be with them. I wish I thought of it earlier so she could have a full set. I am probably going to forget until next year and then be " oh DUH!" around christmas eve.

Monday, December 14, 2009


We went into the woods to get my tree. It is an awesome natural, leaning to the side.... "what's wrong with your tree?! It's all....where is the top?" Exclaimed Star's oldest, when he walked in the house. He crept tword it as if expecting a racoon or small flock of bats to attack him.

"We got it our of the woods."

"Yeah, but, aren't you supposed to trim it or something?? It's really got this from the woods??" He is touching the tree now and then he relized I have a pink skeleton with rhinstone eyes, pokemon charators, dinsey movie, and mini beanie babies. After the excited babble wore down and Colton finally stopped using a mini fish net as a makshift trebechet with the ornaments that he purloined by hiding under the tree and reaching up from the back to yonk from the front. I explained that McDon's used to have 101 charactors for the happy meals one christmas season (9 years ago) I almost got the entire set (I worked there) and made them into ornaments. Same with the beanie babies. And anything else I think will look fun, like the two witches that share the top with Santa.

The tree is a ceder top, so next year it will grow back to fill in what we harvested. I trimmed three feet off the top and probably three feet around the tree itself just to get it to fitsomewhat into the corner.
After we got it up I realized that it kinda rounds near the top and to the back. *grins* I made the remains into a wreath to hang off the front of the house.

My grandma sent presents from the bunch up north. They lasted about five min before Nikki and colton ripped them open when I went to get the phone. The living room was covered in filler, wrappers and they have lotion all over them. (one of the gifts)

I did good. I didn't freak, i just gathered everything up but left the paper and boxes for them. (I had free time fore about 10 min....yea me!!) I got two books-- crocheting with beads- it looks like it will be a fun one to try and jerry bakers flower power--- ohohohohoh I LOVE him. He is an awesome garden guru!!!

it is later than I thought, i get to sleep into tomarrow because I have no babysitting!!! who hoooo two weeks off!!

Monday, December 7, 2009


I had an epiphany yesterday.

All the clutter in the kitchen belongs to me.

I was shocked. I have gathered that much stuff?? Really?
So I crept closer to the pile and it is ALL mine. Lots of artwork stuff but no artwork. So this weekend I will filter my stuff and (hopefully) donate it so someone that needs random art stuff. Maybe I will trade it for beads.

It is allot of clutter.

Any ideas for an entire set of encyclopedias from 1988??

Now it is cold and wet

Ok, so rollerblading is out. I don't mind rollerblading in the cold, or dark. But the water everywhere will rust out my bearings and at 40$ a set they are way to expensive to rust out.
I am drinking my water. No headaches over the last 2 days.

I did walk with nikki the other morning around the neighborhood. Sometimes it is wierd because my highschool geometry teacher lives in my neighborhood. I try and be nice but I cannot help but to remember that I was a horrid math student that was mouthy to cover my ignorance and other issues. I still suck at math. I hate walking past his house because I instantly feel like a dumbass for about 30 steps.
That morning he is outside, says hello, and asks me how many months Nikki is old. I pause because 1) months??? huh?? 2) tired and was still drinking my first cup of coffee,after a bout of insomnia- I was running on 3 hours of sleep. I thought for a second and the only number that was in my head was 36 so I blurted that out. "really??", He asks with a surprised look on his face. " She is three?"
"No, she is 2 in a half" I answer, feeling dumber.
" Oh. So she is 30 months then." He smiles as he says this to me.
"Yeah. Something like that."

Oh, how I despise you. I wanted to poke him in the forehead. Not hard, but just enough to leave a red mark for about 5 min.

I feel like a different person from 13 years ago. Still "unhinged" according to some, I just feel like I am tapping into the organic artist thought stream. I read part of Holographic Universe and I instantly connected to the topic of holographic memories and consciousness.( That is a another post altogether)

Anyway, I have brewed on it for a couple of days, flitering emotions I have decided that he falls into the catagory of my "they suck" list for going out of the way to make someone feel dumb. He did it in highschool and the habit continues today, therefore I must ignore him as a whole.

Friday, December 4, 2009

my art mess

Snow snow snow!!!!

This will be the second year in a row the we here in the heart of hurricanes and droughts south east texas, recieved a half inch of snow.

I made a snowman and put him on my trunk. He stayed there to the grocery store and then when I came out someone stole my snowman. and all the snow on my trunk. I thought it was funny because 3 years ago i would have done the same thing.

Nikki's other toy is the bag of lemons her daddy brought home for us (organic local farmer!!! The hippie in me is screaming for joy) Today her brought home tangerines and oranges.

Nikki's toy for the rest of the night is the plastic box, we are going on an hour of her playing in it.

This is my aunt's clock I am making for her. It is the "Tacky Gift". I told her two years ago I would make her the tackest gift I could each year. She is hard to buy for so I figured going horrible to the extreme *giggles*
My aunt thinks they are funny as hell. Last year she got a teapot that bordered on an acid trip.

I am....

hey it is freaking cold outside.

I am still drinking my water.
I am crabby and nuerotic.
I am happy my husband is camping this weekend.
I am sad my husband is camping this weekend.
I am abusing my hot chocolate privilage.
I am stagnating with my artwork.
I am stir crazy.
I am looking for a job to harass people.
*Ever see 'Waiting' ? I am the dark hair screaming girl in the back. I could be your waitress...nyah nyah nyah nyah..... I miss my job.

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend with no boys in which I can watch whatever I want, and have all my jewelry scarttered everywhere.

I am half done with my families various clocks. :)