Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mental Notes

Drank 3 waters to 5 cups of coffee.

Did four sets of the ab excersize.

Helped DJ with his math project.

Had angry cleaning energy.

Lost three pounds last week.

Dyed my hair dark brown red.

Fantized briefly about moving out.

Now I am tired.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

While the boys were hunting as an early christmas gift, I was sitting at home playing with beads and stuff. Normally i stay on busy shopping days because I prefer to pretend that humanity is ..well, human.
Oh, how I hate the holidays and nasty, tired people. I went into HobLob because the silver was on sale and I was bored at home. Plus I needed to get some Ideas for my families'- clocks I am making for them. Think of feathers and glitter on a clock. I see it in my head, hopefully I can get it out of my head and under their trees. Of course this depends upon bills and blah blah blah. Maybe I will paint a pic and let them know they are always late so it doesn't matter what time it is :)

I talked to my dad, step mom and sister the other night. It takes an act of god to get ahold of them. Plus they are almost never online. They are doing good. I found out that one of my favorite movies is also my sisters and I am just tickled pink. So I am running plans thru my head to makes Nightmare Before Christmas stuff for her. I was thinking of a studded leather belt with shrinkydink charactors on it embedded it bottle caps. Maybe a messanger bag with Jack on it. Now that I know her a little better I can get/make gifts for her that are more suited to her and not what I think she might like.

I just met her 3 1/2 years ago and have only seen her once since then. And at first we spoke on the phone allot but as I battled post pardum depression, then my husband being hurt, being attacked by a cat, another hospital stay, and the ensuing fighting/depression cycle we are going thru it was extrodinarly hard to keep up with anyone.

I replaced my mom's fuel filter today, I still smell gas under my nails but her jeep is running allot better now.

The boys came home today. DJ got a huge 10 pt and all together they saw 18 deer. I can tell the trip has lifted Donald's spirits and DJ was about bursting out of his head with pride. This is DJ's first buck that was not considered a cull deer.

lets see.... oh yeah- I dug out my rollerblades and tuned them so I can start rollerblading again. I miss the feeling of just blading for the hell of it. Plus I lost allot of wieght and kept it off while I was blading everyday. Since I had the gallbladder out I have lost 30 lbs, went from a tight 16 to a 12. Depending on the time of the month (haha duh) some days my 12s are perfect. BUT I still have not hit the 199 mark. I have 7 lbs to go. It sucks. My eating habits are not the best but I am working on it. Mainly due to the side effects of the lack of a gallbladder. Which I hate deep down.

So, I will start up the p90x every other day for 20 min a time. I am supposed to be everyday for an hour but I will throw up after 25 min.
I will do bicycle excersizes everyother commerial break while I watch TV.(ab ab absssss!)
I will rollerblade for 10 min everyother day.
I will log my times.
I will drink one cup of water per cup of coffee I drink.( I started doing this already and have been feeling much better for the last 3 days)
The coffee thing is because coffee is a diuretic so it was making my system dump fluids that I was not replenishing, hence the bloating, crabbiness, constipation and horrid migrains. Since I drink coffee all day....duh.

This will be December plan. Lets see if I can keep it.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

turkey day

turkey turkey turkey turkey daaaaaaaaay!!!!!

Donald cooked, DJ cleaned the livingroom, Donald helped me with the dishes (alllll the dishes) I was in bliss!!! I felt just plain good today. Tomarrow I might plumment but today we are good.
I sent them hunting as an early christmas present, they should be gone until sunday.... I am crossing my fingers:)

Nikki was happy as a clam running around the table sampling everything randomly eating. I told everyone who did not want nikki cooties in their food to eat from the middle not the edges.

Thank You

I opened my email today and saw an email titled "THANK YOU" from someone I did not know. Hoping it was not spam that slipped through the lines I read this ---

"I received your message on ****(dot)com that was indeed my chocolate lab we picked him up Friday and h'es back home we're all very happy.

Thank you so much, for taking the time to email me, I probably would have never saw the ad"

When I have insomnia I go to a local site that does free ads, news, etc. In the pet section I compare animal lost and found ads. I have noticed that people put the ads up in five different sections so I skim thru to see if any match.
Three or four times I have emailed people to match ads up but have never had any feedback.
This time among the hundred or so ads there was a photo of a choc lab who was lost for two months. It tore at me a little bit because they live about a mile from my house and with the cyotes and jerks stray or lost dogs do not have much of a chance.
About an hour later in the regular lost and found was a Found ad with a chocolate lab also with a pic. I compared the photos I thought they might be alike so I sent an email to the family to look in the regular lost and found section. I did not hear anything so after a few days I put it out of my mind.
Then today I got that email and I am so tickled pink that they were able to get the family dog back in time for the holidays. Especially for their children.

I remember not having the closure when my mom's dog went missing in the 80's. I looked and watched for that dog for years. I nagged my mom constantly if she had heard anything about the dog. I found out a few years ago that she had been hit. My mom thought it was better not to tell me (which most parents want to protect their child from a pets death)
I hope this helps their holidays and honestly it has helped me a little bit. I feel really good knowing that I helped another family. I cannot help as much as I want financally or rescue the small and fuzzies that I would like to help.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tests in Houston

Donald had to go in for a nueropsych evaluation (NPE). I did not look up the process because I did not want to arm him in anyway so the test results would be natural.
After 45 min of paperwork he went into the room and I stayed in the reception area with my jewelry stuff to stay busy and quiet. After 2 1/2 hours I hear a clunk and then the door slammed open with Donald barking out that he is taking a break.

It took at least 20 min to talk him down and convince him that he needed to finish the test. I was concerned that he was just going to leave, which would mean that we would have to go threw this again.

After an hour or so he was done. And was a crabass the entire way home. Which in houston 5 pm traffic is god awful. It took 30 min to travel 5 miles on the highway. After we finally found the highway.
The correct highway.
And turning left does not mean that you are going left.
Nothing is labeled.
Including the lanes. I decided I need a sticker on my door that says "Passenger does not have any influence on the driver"

It was a wierd ride home.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

meteor shower

I saw two, and thought "oh AWESOME! feet are cold."

Because I am that smart-- I am wearing shorts, a tanktop, and a light jacket. It is 40 degrees outside, at 12:30 at night I am staring at the sky on a freezing brick walkway. No shoes or socks.

A minuet after I stepped on the walkway my nose became unclogged, and my headache went away.

This futher pushes another crackpot theory I have been harboring. I would go swimming at the river during the winter, for at least three years. Those are the years I never caught a cold or the flu. Dive in, splash around, climb out and take 20 min to warm back up. I got ear infections but I also smoked a half pack a day then, so I am not sure if it was the crap in the water or the smoke for the ear infections.

we will know tomarrow if I made myself sicker or if I am stabilized. Since Nikki hid my nasal pot I can't use that to help me get better.

Donald might get laid off friday. Sucks ass.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Nikki's new book and a cold

Mom picked Nikki and I up to rummage thru the book store and load up on coffee. It feels like a new store because they rearranged everything and have new sandwhiches. We shared a chicken on focatta with basil pesto and tomato grilled. It was about divine.
I wandered down the comedy (for lack of a better word) isle and found a book for colton that is The history of Farts with a speaker and different fart buttons. It is drive Star's eyes thru the back of her head. And one for her that is The nuerotic book, it is over 100 pages on the way this woman/man has nuerotic tendancies-- such as organizing the clothes hangers in department stores to be equidistant from each other on the rack. I felt downright sane reading that book.

Then I heard "meow" from my feet. Nikki found Simon's Cat book. She adores that cat and the cartoons.She will copy what he does - meowing, getting in your face to get your attention, clawing up the furniture. Nikki carried the book around the store and meowed at people until she got bored and became a tyrant.
But we got the book, which has no words, captions or page numbers and she has been reading it off and on for two days.

We went for a boat ride up the bayou which was gorgous with the cypress changing colors, Nikki got to see a ton of turtles and play in the water. I had to hold her life jacket straps because she was leaning on the side playing in the water that the boat was throwing.

I caught a cold. I could feel it surface when my ear started hurting. My first thought was oh crap. Nikki had a fever this morning, I felt like crud. Now Nikki is fine, I still feel awful. I am hoping, praying for the better term, that it is not the flu.
I don't think it is because I can still think and see clear, plus the cold front hit today and it went from 70 to 45 in three hours. I get sick when the cold front decends. uuuuuuggggggggggghhhhhh.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

AH HA!!!!!!


My mom's husband found a site that had the inverter board for 27$ plus 9$ for shipping.
And after watching my computer being disected then put back together I did not have to bring it back out there for him to put the board in. (Yup, I am bragging:)

I was busy during my interent vacation.

I learned to work with copper and how to solder. I learned to treat the copper with heat to make the colors come out and as long as I seal the copper the colors will not change.
The clorine in tap water accelerates the copper to change color. Outside copper take years to go thru all the color changes, in the bathroom it will take about a year to turn black.
Mom got me some new jewelry supplies which sparked my jewelry bug. So now I am on that kick for awhile. I had almost given up on the chandiler for the bathroom but then found an awsome new website that sells copper, bronze and brass. So I can get all the stuff I need to make the various things for the house.And I looked up how to make a mini forge to I spend less on gas to heat the metal. But I need to get an anvil.
Ultimatly I would love to make a fence for my gardens out of the swirled copper and other metal.

Donald seems to be getting worse, his depression is deepening and he get irrational about bizarre things.
The other night we got into a tiff because I did not write on the note i left where I had gone. I was mad at him so yes, I left that info out, but I have my cellphone on me so all he has to do was call. And he did.
then it just escalated, mainly focused that I take everything he says wrong, and there is something else wrong with me. Then he told me that after the beginning of the year I can pack my crap and we will go our separeate ways.
The next day he apologized, we have been fine so far.
I know it is from the head injury. If his behavior was like this and he had never been injured, I would be gone. But I feel so bad wanting to leave because he needs the emotional support to try and get him thru this time.
I feel sad, so I turn to my artwork to cope. Hopefully, I will get better with my artwork.
Now I just need to learn about petina and acid washes and I will be a happy happy camper.