Monday, December 7, 2009


I had an epiphany yesterday.

All the clutter in the kitchen belongs to me.

I was shocked. I have gathered that much stuff?? Really?
So I crept closer to the pile and it is ALL mine. Lots of artwork stuff but no artwork. So this weekend I will filter my stuff and (hopefully) donate it so someone that needs random art stuff. Maybe I will trade it for beads.

It is allot of clutter.

Any ideas for an entire set of encyclopedias from 1988??


  1. I have to say that whenever I look around the clutter is almost always mine. There's a bit that's Pic's, but it's pretty much never, ever Cardo's. We are inundated with clutter around here, no matter how much I get rid of.

  2. " Clutter" We live in such a tiny place. I have to clean mine up everynight when it creeps into the kitchen as it does everyday. But yes I t is always mine as my husband is neat andf clean!!