Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

While the boys were hunting as an early christmas gift, I was sitting at home playing with beads and stuff. Normally i stay on busy shopping days because I prefer to pretend that humanity is ..well, human.
Oh, how I hate the holidays and nasty, tired people. I went into HobLob because the silver was on sale and I was bored at home. Plus I needed to get some Ideas for my families'- clocks I am making for them. Think of feathers and glitter on a clock. I see it in my head, hopefully I can get it out of my head and under their trees. Of course this depends upon bills and blah blah blah. Maybe I will paint a pic and let them know they are always late so it doesn't matter what time it is :)

I talked to my dad, step mom and sister the other night. It takes an act of god to get ahold of them. Plus they are almost never online. They are doing good. I found out that one of my favorite movies is also my sisters and I am just tickled pink. So I am running plans thru my head to makes Nightmare Before Christmas stuff for her. I was thinking of a studded leather belt with shrinkydink charactors on it embedded it bottle caps. Maybe a messanger bag with Jack on it. Now that I know her a little better I can get/make gifts for her that are more suited to her and not what I think she might like.

I just met her 3 1/2 years ago and have only seen her once since then. And at first we spoke on the phone allot but as I battled post pardum depression, then my husband being hurt, being attacked by a cat, another hospital stay, and the ensuing fighting/depression cycle we are going thru it was extrodinarly hard to keep up with anyone.

I replaced my mom's fuel filter today, I still smell gas under my nails but her jeep is running allot better now.

The boys came home today. DJ got a huge 10 pt and all together they saw 18 deer. I can tell the trip has lifted Donald's spirits and DJ was about bursting out of his head with pride. This is DJ's first buck that was not considered a cull deer.

lets see.... oh yeah- I dug out my rollerblades and tuned them so I can start rollerblading again. I miss the feeling of just blading for the hell of it. Plus I lost allot of wieght and kept it off while I was blading everyday. Since I had the gallbladder out I have lost 30 lbs, went from a tight 16 to a 12. Depending on the time of the month (haha duh) some days my 12s are perfect. BUT I still have not hit the 199 mark. I have 7 lbs to go. It sucks. My eating habits are not the best but I am working on it. Mainly due to the side effects of the lack of a gallbladder. Which I hate deep down.

So, I will start up the p90x every other day for 20 min a time. I am supposed to be everyday for an hour but I will throw up after 25 min.
I will do bicycle excersizes everyother commerial break while I watch TV.(ab ab absssss!)
I will rollerblade for 10 min everyother day.
I will log my times.
I will drink one cup of water per cup of coffee I drink.( I started doing this already and have been feeling much better for the last 3 days)
The coffee thing is because coffee is a diuretic so it was making my system dump fluids that I was not replenishing, hence the bloating, crabbiness, constipation and horrid migrains. Since I drink coffee all day....duh.

This will be December plan. Lets see if I can keep it.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the comments on the learning to read post. I feel so much pressure to teach Pic how to read already, but after I posted that, I've felt less pressure.

    Good luck with your December plan. I recently bought roller skates just because I thought they'd be fun, but it's way harder than I thought. Cardo has to hold onto Pic as she skates and also check to make sure I'm not falling and breaking all my bones. Ah, well, I'll keep at it.