Friday, November 20, 2009

Tests in Houston

Donald had to go in for a nueropsych evaluation (NPE). I did not look up the process because I did not want to arm him in anyway so the test results would be natural.
After 45 min of paperwork he went into the room and I stayed in the reception area with my jewelry stuff to stay busy and quiet. After 2 1/2 hours I hear a clunk and then the door slammed open with Donald barking out that he is taking a break.

It took at least 20 min to talk him down and convince him that he needed to finish the test. I was concerned that he was just going to leave, which would mean that we would have to go threw this again.

After an hour or so he was done. And was a crabass the entire way home. Which in houston 5 pm traffic is god awful. It took 30 min to travel 5 miles on the highway. After we finally found the highway.
The correct highway.
And turning left does not mean that you are going left.
Nothing is labeled.
Including the lanes. I decided I need a sticker on my door that says "Passenger does not have any influence on the driver"

It was a wierd ride home.

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