Monday, January 25, 2010

Driftwood art

I was taking pics of the artpiece below and found that I could capture part of my reflection without the flash and it looked fairly neat.

This is the first piece of a new series of my driftwood art with steampunk flair. I really like this piece and will probably steal it back from my mom. She thinks it is good enough to have a show at the Museum of southeast texas. I need to finish at least five or six more pieces which means I need to find older wind up clocks to destroy.

Yes this is my photo, wanna take a guess where I was on saturday?? We crossed the bridge to go "bait catching" (it was a wash BTW) and we noticed the barges being pushed out of the shipping canal that were not in the cluster of ships.
Oh holy crap. One ship hit the pier then hit the barge that was docked, and then for whatever reason ANOTHER ship hit the first two.
So oil was spilled. the national news says 450,000 but our local says 40,000. But they will not report what the barge was carrying. And they had to evac Pt. Arthur for a day.
I have been checking to see if any wildlife has been affected so I can go help if they need volenteers.


  1. I really love the drift wood art. It's beautiful I think your Mom is right you should show your work.

  2. Thank you!
    I like the organic mixed with metal, it appeals to me. I am looking for new pieces, I might go bug the beaver dam near the house to see what they have to offer.