Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Potty Trained

Potty Trained!!!!

It took three days to get our communication flowing correctly, so I understood what she was telling me and BAM! we are away from diapers.

Now for my revenge upon my husband, who stupidly told me since the day she was born that after she is potty trained he will be more involved with her. So I have 2 1/2 years of "Go ask your mama" when nikki needed anything saved up and ready to use.

So for the past 4 days I have been more myself, which means I am being...annoying... to live with because he has to help me cook and take care of Nikki and actually pay attention when I speak even if that includes me unplugging the TV.
Also I spent all of Saturday on a mental Internet vacation. I wasn't rude, I just was not in the same room as him and anyone else in the house. Nikki watched movies next to me and before I knew it I hadn't spoken to him since that morning and it was 8 at night.

Then Sunday came along and I had some little projects I needed to get done around the house so he had to watch her, if she came up to me asking for anything, I got it for her then barked at him to pay attention. His excuse was that she doesn't ask him for anything. I shot that down because he has not spent any effort in actually taking care of her aside from financally. He got pissed but it is the truth.

What I am actually doing is untraining him from the TV watching rut he is in. He has the old fashioned opinion that since he makes the money then he has the right to relax and watch TV all night. I explained(yelled) that I am not a whore, you cannot pay the bills and buy my stuff and expect me to just be "happy". I need a mental interaction with the person that is married to me. If he cannot supply that then we need to call it quits and I will have the custody papers in hand before we leave the house.
He suddenly understood that my friends are not "influencing" me to be angry with him, that is all on my own.

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