Wednesday, June 24, 2009

POS Dresser Remade

This was the dresser that my mom gave me out of spite for her husband. I merrily took it home because 1) I needed an art stuff storage that was a touch more organized 2) I needed another project before it got too hot to work outside
The drawers were falling apart and some of the guides were gone. This was part of my learning to use the skill saw. Which is simple and hard at the same time. I really want a table saw. That way I can build whatever I want without consulting, nagging, begging my husband to build it for me. Bite my ass, I can make it.

This is the after. The knobs are porcelain (gag me) with tiny little roses on them( ewwwwwwww) so they will have to wait for me to make new ones out of plaster and sculpty clay.
Liquid nails smells awful but it glued the joints back together to incredible strength. The wood was so thin that nailing some parts was out of the question. To make the new guides I measured( wrong several times) and then smeared the glue, and glued the guides to their spots. Let it dry overnight and BAM new solid guides.

It took several days because I am taking care of a house, a teenager who needs attention because god forbid I act like a normal step mom and ignore him. No, I actually listen to his thought process without yelling at him. AND I am taking care of my two year old. So yes, my dear personality flipping husband, it is going to take more than a few days. Idiot.
So it is not done to my satisfaction but it will work for now. I still have somoe tweaking to do and shelves to add above it but my kitchen/art room is slowly becomming what I want it to be. And no, I do not plan any of this out, it just happens as I go.

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