Monday, June 1, 2009

The beginning of a fun filled week....

For the first time in ten years DJ calls for me to pick him up from his mothers at nine pm. No matter what drinking, drama, fighting, or cops have been there he has never called. EVER.

I go get him(20 miles one way), now I am geared up for a fight because she has been known to fly off the handle and knocked the crap out of someone but I have about four inches and 30 pounds on her. 10 years ago I would have fought her but I have learned in a decade to think first and then respond. Starsha calls it 10,10,10 thinking. 10 min, 10 months, 10 years. Basically is jail worth it? Nope. No matter what jail is not worth one hit (or several) I can get my point across other ways.

She is railing on him on the porch. I walked up, and ask what is going on. She tells me that DJ's girlfriend has not left yet and he wanted to spend the evening at her house (20 feet away) but DJ did not wash and flea dip the dogs earlier that day. So he was not allowed to go back and see her before she left for seven weeks.

History: He has been in love with her since he was nine and she finally agreed to date him. Seven years later. She is very very shy. Very. So they have been dating for three weeks and since his mother found out they were dating he has a curfew even though they were at her house with both her parents up. Before they dated, DJ would come home at 11pm, midnight, 230am and his mom never said a word.

So DJ is at a breaking point because he tried to asked (beg) his mom to give him just another hour, 30 min, 10 min. She told him flat out "I don't give a f*** how you feel"
That is worse than hitting him. Or grounding him for a month. To completely disreguard his feelings will break him faster than anything and he takes forever to recover from it.

She told me that she felt he was running from his responsibilities, I agreed but I made sure she understood two things. 1) This was not going to happen again. 2) We are not stealing your son, you will come get him tomarrow when you get off. You will talk to him. You will take him home with you.

They needed a cooling off period before DJ told her that he did not want to live with her anymore. He would regret the words and we would wind up in court (for the 28th time) I know she raised her other two, but they did not have the choice to call the other parent because they both told Donald that they did not want to live here anymore or see him. So no, the other two had to learn to live with their mom without another parent they might be able to go to when things got bad. So she could say whatever she wanted to them.

DJ has that option but we will not be abused anymore. He wants to live with her and by god, he is going to live with her. Until he tells us that he wants to live here then he is going to have deal with his choice.

Tonight should be fun, either she will not show up, or she will show up and say the wrong thing and Donald will fly off the handle. I have a feeling that he is going to be inside while we are outside talking...yelling.

What she doesn't get is that DJ actually loves this girl. He has not spoke of any other girl but her since she moved next door. It is poetic sad. And I know that you must never ever say anything bad about her and don't try and keep them separated.

DJ's mom told me a month ago that he is her baby and she will not have any girl in his life because she will be a complete bitch to her. I knew once she said that, that things would go downhill for her and her son. People have tried telling her to back off and she won't.

I am going to sit back and watch the show.


  1. Entitlement. Definitely on my shortlist of things I hate about stupid people.

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