Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fabric From Spoonflower

Alice Vintage Border and Text

How awesome is this fabric??? It is hands down the perfect curtain for my kitchen.


This would be funny for my bathroom or as a skirt...I think they are called Lola skirts, all flowing and long. I used to call them hippie skirts. Think I will start working on how to sew one this month. I like gardening barefoot and having a long skirt just makes it much better.

floral, Nature inspired 1

This would be fun for Nikki for a dress since she ate her first plate of calamari this weekend!!

So, I took a HUGE leap. I turned in one of my designs, tweaked it and bought a test swatch. If I like it then it will on to the site. I am crossing my fingers.


  1. Okay, the fish kind of freak me out, but I really like the last fabric. Is the story on the Alice one?

  2. The section of the story that is the tea party is on the background.

    The fish would be fun as a beach wrap too. LOL I just love how they are prehistoric and all teeth.