Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lots of Glue

Lots of glue. I thought would be a good name for me considering the artwork I am getting into. While I have wavered for 10 years on how exactly I want my kitchen to look like I have gone from country to modern and everything in between.

I spend allot of time in the kitchen. My kitchen is also the dining room, although we do not use it aside from formal holiday gathering; the last of which was 9 years ago. My family eats in the living room, we still have rules about table manners, which I am teaching my two year old. Yes, she is smart enough to learn the rules quite fast.

My kitchen is used for cooking, playing catch games, listening to music and my art room. It takes up a third of the house, the living room is the other third and the bedrooms and bathroom the last third.

I would kill to have an art room to myself but I am not putting myself in the hole for 15 grand for one room. And no, I will not demand my husband to build it for me. We don't have good luck with DIY projects running smoothly. So I am taking over the kitchen formally and making it my own.

Now back to the original topic. I am using scrapbook paper and Mod Podge to redo my kitchen. I have also found a way through www.craftster.org and french websites to build furniture out of cardboard that is fun and sturdy. Think of Dr.Seuss.

I started small and am going to work my way to a bed frame in about two months. I would really like to have my own shop and build custom beds for children at a reasonable rate. I would love to build beds and furniture and have a drawing once a month for children in need to redo their room.

But getting there is a whole trip by itself, the French sites show some step by step but for the most part you can take their classes and learn how to do it their way.....uh, I am not flying to France. The other sites i have found are not as good as the French. Go figure.

The cardboard is free but finding the right glue is becoming tricky. Hot glue is the best but my glue gun is small and rinky. So in two weeks a buy a big one.....*evil grin* I really cannot wait. I am gathering supplies so I can be busy this summer if I do not have to work. I might work to save because I have an incredible feeling that things are about to break at an alarming rate.

ujujjhjjjjuytrreeef <------- Nikki says hi

Well she is up and terrorizing me so off we go:)

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