Friday, May 29, 2009

Before and After, well more like Middle

This was my kitchen before I discovered the wonderful world of glue and paper and appearently a very tolerant husband.

This is after, sort of. My Kitchen/ Art room is about 300 square feet and it is turning into more of a giant art project than anything. I am using as little money as possible. So far I am getting away with about 20$ a week. Believe it or not the paper covers up every little imperfection in the wood, no sanding, no primer was needed and no perfect paint strokes.
I had primered the cabinets because I was going to paint them, but my art shelf was so entertaining that it became extended.

These are the drawers,the cabinet itself is not finished but I am taking my time. Plus every time I do work with the painting I am doing I have a toddler *helping* me. Two of my dogs have purple and green paint on them. The floor looks like crap because we had to jerk up almost the entire thing a couple of weeks ago including the living room floor. So my floor will be last.

The cabinet under the sink has to be completely redone. I am going to try to convince him it needs to be done this weekend. Wish me lots and lots of luck.

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