Friday, May 29, 2009


Oh the turn of air, when the humidity creeps it's way into the house and you are sticky less than an hour after you get up. I feel the itch to go into the woods and find the best spots to sit and throw rocks into the water. Oh do not get me started on swimming, I cannot wait to haul the kayaks down to the bayou and wander off. I miss swimming, it has been at least 3 years since I have just floated for an hour or so. I can not wait to catch turtles again or feed fish or get that weird creepy feeling that is akin to panic if it gets out of control because a HUGE fish just brushed by you.

I must tan!! I have been working on my yard and outside so much in the last couple of weeks that my arms are a nice golden brown. Under arms and under clothes is still a blinding white. And I feel this insane urge to put blond streaks in my hair again. Then in July I will want to make the blond dark pink. Every summer for the last five summers I have fought the pink, mainly because my job at the time would not let me. Or rather I could as long as I did not work there. And get a tattoo, why on earth do I want another tattoo only during early summer?

My gardens are growing excellent, I have my first crop of green beans. Depending on how many we pick on Saturday will decide if we will plant purple hull peas.

I found a *spend all your money* website. It is nothing but hard to find seeds and some of the plants are just 'omg I have to have this plant!'
Oh ho- they have plants I have never seen before much less touched and I am just itching to buy and grow. Sadly, one of my all time favorite plants, any kind of vine, I am allergic to it's touch. I will have a rash within 24 hours from Jasmine, English Ivy etc.

I buy gloves. I have about 4 pair because my husband leaves his excellent leather work gloves near my gardening shelf and depending how you bend reality, geometry, and logic - the gloves are actually in MY work shelf so therefore I have the insane right to get them wet, muddy and covered in lord knows what. Then I give them back and "find" another pair while the first is drying in the sun.

My kitchen is coming along nicely, I have the drawers done except for the final paint on the sides of the cabinet and I have to replace the toe kick. Then my husband wanders buy and makes the remark that he should rebuild the cabinet.

The cabinet that I just spent the last week on, gluing, nailing,sanding to make it look like it is not made from particle board. "the hell you are.....GET OUT" is something along what I went from stunned mumbling to shouting. Do not come into my kitchen and comment on what needs to be rebuilt after I have rebuilt it to my happiness and function level.

I textured the walls Friday night, well I textured one and a half walls. I like the texture product but I do not like the normal texture the roller did. I am thinking of doing a dripping water or squishy hand thing. oooo maybe odd dot impression, the dots make swirls but each dot is painted a different blue then the wall is painted.

I wish I could have free reign to redo all the rooms in the house. I could do the matching swirls into other rooms. Maybe I will do swirls on the trim of the house instead after we paint it this fall.

My mind is moving million miles an hour to keep from thinking about how bad my husbands pain is from the injury. I think the chiropractor would have worked completely but Donald does nothing but hard labor all day even on light duty. So he is not talking too much over the last couple of days and we cannot even sleep in the same room. He is one three pills and still cannot sleep.
Deep inside I am breaking down even more but on the surface and right under that I cannot let this affect me or everything will go to hell.

I might have a contract job for 10 days to cook for 17 ppl 3X a day. The money is worth the hours and cleaning. Cross your fingers it gets approved.

AND I won the contest to name an anomaly in the Big Thicket. I was really hoping they would pick one of the Dragon names, but they voted on Big Thicket Trees Knee's Pass. I hope to have a link to the picture pretty soon.

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