Monday, August 17, 2009

The Bathroom and Vanity Woes

I thought I posted the post about my vanity. But I wrote it and forgot to post it.
I took out my vanity and sink because the drain has been rusted shut for 10 some odd years. (we wash out hands at the kitchen sink, etc) So I figured I should just take out the vanity since it was compressed particle board which was falling apart.
And I hated the sink top.
So I was halfway thru the process of making a new vanity and after watching the weather channel I had DAYS before it would rain. I moved my stuff outside to glue together. The fumes of the flame resistance glue are explosive.(Irony at it's finest)
I go inside to cook and we eat and then I hear this odd plinking sound from the chimmeny. There is bright sunlight streaming thru the windows and it is pouring at the house. We got an about half an inch or rain in 20 min, only at the house. I walked outside to look down the road, I was standing in dry sunlight. Translation- Nikki and I ran outside to wash our hair in the run off and play in the puddles. Anyone who knows me, this is not new. I try to do this everytime it rains. The rain makes my hair softer.
Then I remembered the Vanity. It was destroyed. It glue was still good, just like it claims on the back. But the cardboard had not been sealed yet so it fell apart.
I am really kinda happy about it because I can start over and I had learned from my mistakes on the first one.
Like this next one should not lean to the left.

My bathroom walls are covered in different colored marker lines. I am trying to decide how I want everything to flow. My mom said that I am an organic artist because I like curves and swirls. I am also thinking about painting Dr.Suess fish on the walls.
Now onto the fun filled surprises in the bathroom. Again the builders of the house were unable to make the floor and the wall meet yet again. I was not as surprised this time. But the upside is that our walls on the part of the house are 8 inches thick, and that is unheard of now days. This is why the last couple of hurricanes have not hurt this house as bad as others in the area. So I Great Stuffed the gaps then put the sheetrock on. after much cussing and annoyance.
Then I stagnated. I have never been so sore and tired in a looooooong time. I think my arse was bruised from sitting on the edge of the tub. In total from ripping crap out, cleaning up, measuring,cutting,gluing, nailing, installing,and cleaning up again--10 hours. Which is not bad.
I probably have another five hours of work. Maybe more since it will be just Nikki and I "being artistic" __ the quotations are from Donald. I grinned ear to ear when he did that.

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