Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Bathroom

Eleven years ago my husband redid the bathroom. He had no idea what he was doing and it came out really well for not having a clue on construction. I still cannot fathom how he installed a shower with only two 2inch wide holes in the wall. He spent waaaaaaaay to much money on such a small space. He painted the walls, bought new trim, styrofom ceiling,new wall/shower board and vinyel stick on tile. It totaled to $800.
Now the wallboard is rotting out. The vanity needs to be replaced and as the house has shifted the trim has popped off the wall in some areas. He finally noticed the wall board going bad and freaked. We have to replace it now. It is going to cost to much. the wall is going to rot on fall off our house.
This is cuz of the hit to his head that he focuses on certain things. A month ago we talked about the bathroom wall and decided to wait until September. This week we have to do it now.

So I jumped on the boat bullied my way into doing the project. I told him all I need to have him to is help me take the crappy board off, install thin regular board and then go away. I can fix this for a about $100. The ceiling and floor will stay.

I am getting scrapbooking paper ( hahaha I strike again) and am going to paper my shower walls and then I did some research and Outdoor Spar Varish is the best thing to cover the paper. It creates a dull sheen that is almost impossible to cut and nick. And is used for severe outdoor conditions.
I am replacing the vanity with one I am making on Saturday out of cardboard.

Now here is where it gets interesting. I have spoken to my husband for MONTHS about creating new cabinets out of this cardboard for my kitchen.
This morning, after again speaking to him about the cardboard ideas, after drawing my ideas out, after showing them to him. After him telling me it is a good idea. He is shocked when I glue the boards together to test the glue and the strength. It was a spectacular fight. But he finally agreed to leave me alone and let me build what I want because as I pointed out 1) god forbid he be the only one to build stuff for the house 2) I despise the fact that I feel like my only job is maid, mom and whore (he argued allot about that) 3) he is too closed minded to give something new a chance. He gave up I think.

Last night I showed him my plan for the vanity. He thought it was great. Blah blah blah
This morning at 6 am he told me he has been thinking about the bathroom and the vanity might need to be replaced. But he does not want to replace the wallboard behind it because he does not feel like messing with removing the tolit.

I almost started screaming at him. I could actually feel something pop in my mind.

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  1. Thanks for the scrambled egg pocket idea. I'm an incredibly picky eater (although I get a bit better as the years go by), but I could definitely try these for my daughter.