Monday, August 31, 2009

Pained Days

Donald was in serious pain all weekend. What this translates into is that he wants us around but does not want to talk or make concessions of the television programs or get out of the livingroom so I can clean it. I refuse to clean while he is in the room.

I am starting to be affected by his pain again. Mainly because I cannot do anything about it. Not being able to relieve the pain or diminish it in anyway is frustrating as hell.

It took me five hours of work to finish the bathroom wall. I just needed him to keep Nikki's attention for a couple of hours. She wound up in the bathroom with me, tucked into the bathtub with pillows and blankets watching Nemo on my comp. So began the great pissiness of the weekend. I kicked him out of the livingroom last night and cleaned it top to bottom, after I cleaned our room and the bathroom. When I clean that much I am either pissed about something, or frustrated. Last night was a bit of both.

So either he is projecting or I am picking up way to much or both. But his back pain is starting to make mine hurt in the exact same place. Same with the neck and the headaches.

After massages, heat, cold, streching, a hot bath- nothing made his neck/shoulder any better. You could look at him and see the band creepingbetween his neck and shoulder on both sides and it was swelling up. At one point it was as thick as my thumb and went to his collar bone. I finally made him take his older and stronger pills, which he hates taking because he is beyond usless for the rest of the day.

I was in near tears because I am so frustrated and mad at him being hurt. Either I have a great husband who can be very sweet or I have the jerk or I have the doped up sweetheart who has no recollection of being nice.
I feel like I am living with three different men.

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  1. This sounds very difficult and I hope you guys find a permanent, good resolution soon.

    Also, I'm the same way with the cleaning. It's cathartic.