Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am tired.
I got up at 5:30 this morning to get my day started on The Bathroom.
I had my coffee and yogurt, Nikki chased the cat around the house and I got DJ to play mamma all day so I could tear apart the walls.
It took an hour to get the wallboard off.
"Ah, crap." I do believe were my exact words. I have to replace all the sheet rock from the the floor to three feet up. So at 7:30 I am harassing people at Home Depot, who can't find the key to the fork lift to get down my two pieces of greenrock (bathroom sheetrock).
Half an hour later I have my sheetrock, and glue and caulking.
More coffee.
I still cannot cut a straight line.
The people who built this house were nuts. Most of the time when people put a window in the wall it is neater than the mess I found when I got the sheetrock off. Nothing was sealed, most of the boards were patched together. So after sealing, trimming and nailing it was almost 11am.
At 5pm I am still not done with the sheetrock. I am slow, because I have no idea what I am doing and I am a perfectionist at the same time. Not with the lines being stight but making sure everything is sealed and glued and caulked to where I never have to do this to the bathroom again.
I have the tub sheetrocked but I still have behind the tolit and vanity
(which is almost done) then I can cut my thin board and glue my paper on and then will prolly be done by Sunday. I cannot wait until I can get the pics up.

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